Progressive Therapy in a Healing Environment

Specialized Physical Therapy in the Baltimore Area

Begin your path to improved function and reduced pain with a visit with the therapists from Carol Frazier & Associates Physical Therapy in Towson, MD. Our caring professionals will strive to meet all of your rehabilitative needs.

Insurance and Administrative Fee Information

While other major insurances offer out-of-network benefits that may cover your physical therapy treatment, our clinic is a Preferred Provider for the following insurance companies:

• Medicare • Tricare® • U.S. Family Healthplan • Johns Hopkins EHP
• CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield™ • United Healthcare™ • Priority Partners • Optum VA Community Care Network


We are the area's premier provider for Worker's Compensation physical therapy. We are a preferred provider for many of the major worker's compensation carriers. Please contact our office to see if your carrier is on our Preferred List.

A $10 administrative fee will be applied to each patient's account. This annual fee will cover all Affordable Care Act mandated items plus:

  • The electronic submission of your claims - allowing for swift and accurate adjudication of claims, so our patients can receive their Explanation of Benefit remittances quickly.
  • Electronic submission of your medical records to one or more of your doctors. This allows our patients to keep their doctors updated on their condition and progress.
  • End of Year statement of your account for tax planning or HSA reconciliation purposes.
  • Easy access to your personal health records.
  • Receive timely reminders of your upcoming appointments.


Front Office of the Physical Therapy Clinic - Baltimore


Exercise Equipment for Physical Therapy - Baltimore


Beds in Our Physical Therapy Clinic - Baltimore


Weight Scale in Our Physical Therapy Clinic - Baltimore


Your First Visit

Upon arrival at our clinic, you will begin your session by registering at the front desk, filling out any additional necessary paperwork, and providing insurance information. Please bring a list of your current prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and supplements with dosages - if any.  

To expedite your check-in when you arrive at our office for the first time, please do the following:

STEP 1. (REQUIRED)  Click the New Patient Forms link. Download, print single-sided  and fill out the documents and bring them with you.   New Patient Forms

STEP 2. (OPTIONAL)  Fill in the information below to enter your patient information into our online system and then call our office to schedule your appointment!

Wear Comfortable Clothing

During your session, the involved body part needs to be exposed. For your convenience, patient gowns are available, or you may wear shorts, a sports bra, or loose clothing.

Assessing Your Situation

Your initial visit normally requires 75 to 90 minutes. After that, each visit may be up to one hour in length. Your physical therapist takes you back to the treatment area and conducts a thorough assessment, including a subjective history and objective evaluation. Depending on your problem, the objective evaluation may include examining the following:

                           • Postural Alignment
                           • Gait Pattern
             • Flexibility
             • Joint Mobility

                  • Sensation
                  • Strength


Detailed Treatment

Your therapist will explain the findings to you and will discuss your ideal treatment plan. Together, you begin working to achieve your therapy goals. For most conditions, you are seen once or twice per week for three to four weeks. Your particular requirements for therapy may vary depending on your needs or your doctor's orders.

Contact our physical therapy clinic to receive comprehensive physical therapy for your condition.

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