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PT BEFORE Surgery? Learn More about Our Prehab in Baltimore

Carol Frazier & Associates Physical Therapy Prehabilitation Program
A Better Way to Prepare for Joint Replacement Surgery: Speed Up Recovery and Decrease Pain

Offering Something for Everyone

From a dockworker getting ready for a hip surgery to a grandmother facing a knee replacement, prehabilitation (or prehab for short) is useful for patients of all ages and fitness levels. Patients may benefit from our unique prehab in Baltimore when preparing for the following procedures:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Wrist or ankle joint replacements or major joint reconstruction surgery
Pre-Surgery Exercise in Baltimore: Knee Therapy

Pre-Surgery Exercise in Baltimore: Shoulder Adjustment

Pre-Surgery Exercise, Post-Surgery Rewards

The sooner you begin joint replacement prehab, the more benefits you’ll reap after your joint replacement surgery. You’ll feel stronger, more flexible and better prepared to take on the challenges of your post-surgical rehabilitation program.

The experts at Carol Frazier & Associates Physical Therapy will work one-on-one with you to ensure that you’re ready for your joint procedure – and they’ll be ready to work with you after your surgery and rehabilitation, too, as part of a comprehensive exercise maintenance program.

How Prehab Helps:

A patient’s level of physical fitness, physical strength, endurance and joint range of motion have all been shown to affect outcomes after joint replacement surgery – particularly when it comes to minimizing atrophy and stiffness and returning to daily activities. Prehab addresses these factors to ensure patients are ready to move faster and with more ease after joint replacement, all through the use of pre-surgery exercise.

Prehab can benefit patients in many ways:

Improved strength: Improved strength is important not only in preparation for rehabbing the joint but also for helping the rest of the body to compensate for a lack of full-body function during recovery.                         

Joint Replacement Prehab in Baltimore

Pre-Surgery Exercise in Baltimore: Legs

Improved Body awareness/mechanics: After surgery patients must re-learn everyday movements, such as rising from chairs or from bed. Prehab teaches patients better body awareness and mechanics in preparation for such hurdles.

Improved Fitness Level: Improving overall stamina and cardiovascular capacity can improve the rate of healing and recovery. It can also improve personal drive during rehabilitation, especially when the process is most grueling.

Improved Function: Prehab before total joint replacement has been shown to improve overall functional mobility, such as walking, stair climbing and getting in/out of bed and chairs. In addition, patients report less pain, better quality of life, and more confidence after a pre-surgery exercise program.

Program Components

Carol Frazier & Associates Physical Therapy’s prehabilitation program starts with a consultation and thorough assessment of joint range of motion, muscle flexibility, bilateral strength and standard functional performance. Balance and postural control also will be assessed before the exercise portion begins.

Each patient’s prehab program is customized to his or her unique needs by our physical therapists. Depending on a patient’s physical condition and pre-surgical goals, the typical program begins 4-6 weeks before surgery at 1-2 times per week and may include:

  • Patient Education: Patients are instructed in what to expect and to do before and immediately after surgery to maximize healing, range of motion, strength, and overall recovery.
  • Strength and Conditioning:  Strengthening of key muscle groups, with an emphasis on range of motion and flexibility.
  • Exercise Program:  Exercises to improve and preserve balance.
  • Functional skills practice:  Stair training and assistive device training for post-surgical mobility.   
Helping Patient Down Stairs: Prehab in Baltimore
Hand on Walker

The Road to Your Recovery Starts Here

If you’re scheduled for joint replacement surgery, learn how a detailed prehabilitation program can help you get the most out of your procedure and recovery. Many local doctors are seeing outstanding results from their patients - so ask your physician or surgeon to be referred to the prehabilitation program at Carol Frazier & Associates Physical Therapy near Baltimore. Call us for more information about our program or to schedule an appointment at 410-321-6606.  We look forward to working with you soon!

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